Status of project "Sustainable conservation on Hungarian Natura 2000 sites" SH/4/8 implementation, 2014

Fri, 03/06/2015 - 00:00

The overall delivery of the project is in line with the former plans. Monitoring methodology development has been finalized regarding all targeted species/habitats. The data collection period of the year 2014 was active and successful. A common data storage is under construction at the Executing Agency, collecting all types of data available from the project. Based on the common data storage of the project mainstreaming biodiversity data into Nature Conservation Information System (NCIS) will be ensured. Management planning procedure further proceeded, baseline documentations are ready and management requirements for the species and habitats concerned are provided by the responsible groups of ACT1-ACT2. Stakeholder analyses of the planning procedure have been finalized. Management planning procedure provides input to on-the-spot habitat management of the pilot sites in ACT4. A study tour for the whole project group was organized in cooperation with SVS/BirdLife Switzerland aiming to collect information on management planning procedures and conservation aimed land management practices in the Canton of Zürich. Land management pilot projects further proceeded with the necessary infrastructural development. Forest and grassland management actions started in both sites. Baseline monitoring actions started in both of the sites in order to capture the real nature conservational benefits of the management prescriptions. Project external communication activities have broadened, project website is continuously updated. Special attention was paid for reptile conservation, besides several meeting held for professionals and the open public, a leaflet has been published and roll-ups were made introducing the targeted species (eg. pond turtle). All of the project partners actively communicates the project both at scientific and at public level. A mid-term project leaflet has been published in Hungarian and in English language. The project participated in professional events (Exhibition for Guns, Fishing and Hunting, 13-16.02.2014.; National Meeting of Green NGOs, 25-27.04.2014.). A guideline for farmers to farmland birds have been published for Natura 2000 sites. Press conference for the "Guidebook for farmers regarding farmland birds" of Natura 2000 sites has been held successfully organized on the 14/05/2014  (