Status of project "Sustainable conservation on Hungarian Natura 2000 sites" SH/4/8 implementation, 2013

Mon, 04/14/2014 - 00:00

Human, infrastructural and administrative resources have been established for carrying out the planned activities in 2013. Most of the monitoring methodologies have been developed in the first half of the year. 48 monitoring methodology document have been drafted aiming the total scope of the targeted species/habitats. Methodology testing started in the first season and expected to provide the necessary feedback for finalizing the draft methodology papers. The first season of field data collection is finished by the end of 2013. Biotic data is under further analyses, the first results were published in scientific papers (Acta Biologica Hungarica, Community Ecology, Rangeland Ecology) and presented in national and international conferences (Climate change and ethnobiology" conference, Denton, USA; "Open Landscapes 2013", Hildesheim, Germany, The 3rd Eastern European Ethnobiology Seminar on "Variations in space and time"). Innovative, supplementary surveys run well, and expected to provide results with high scientific value (pond turtle radiotelemetry, nest protection activities, bat audio-location, etc.).

Know-how exchange with SVS/BirdLife Switzerland seems to be extremely useful for the project. A common workshop was held for partners and experts in May 2013, and reports were provided about biodiversity monitoring and about nature conservation aimed agri-environmental subsidies.

Based on Swiss expertise a policy recommendation was elaborated aiming to protect agricultural biodiversity through a specific agri-environmental measure. Collaboration with a Swiss reptile expert started, and common data collection was carried out regarding dice snake (Natrix tessellata).

Natura 2000 management planning and pilot area management activities facing with minor challenges, due to the need of further description of activities and negotiation with stakeholders. Community based planning procedure interviews started to be carried out both at the Mátra and Kiskunság Natura 2000 sites.

Preparations of land management pilot projects further proceeded. The public procurement procedure for contracting for land management activities was launched and significant process was made by the end of year 2013.

Project website is launched, the web-based forum and an inventory of the project documents are available at Communication of the project activities started through the website. Project external communication activities have further broadened, with representing the project at expert level (regular meetings with the representatives of Ministry for Rural Development), with the participation in professional events (International Exhibition of Guns, Fishing and Hunting - FEHOVA cca. 50.000 visitors, 16-19/02/13; OMÉK - National Agriculture and Food Exhibition ~100.000 visitors, 18-22/09/2013; Tatai Vadlúdsokadalom >10.000 visitors, 30/11/2013 ) and giving radio interviews (Európa Rádió, interview on the joint initiative for agricultural biodiversity). Detailed description of the project was published in the official magazine of the MME (Madártávlat 1/2013) Communication materials (leaflet, rollup) were designed and published. The achievement of the project indicators started in several topics.