Status of project "Sustainable conservation on Hungarian Natura 2000 sites" SH/4/8 implementation, 2012

Mon, 04/14/2014 - 00:00

The overall achievement of the project in terms of physical completion is in line with the planned results.

Project management team was set and the project office was established. Full-time and part-time staff has been selected and employed since project start. Equipments for the project management as well as equipments required for data collection are mostly purchased. Maps, databases and specific software needed for analyses and surveys are also purchased.

Methodologies for the different monitoring activities are developed as planned (literature overviews, survey structure planning, relevant data collection, preparation of questionnaire). The exact study sites of the surveys are partly designated and under harmonization between the different WPs.

Preliminary fieldworks started (training of monitoring staff, methodology test, sampling plots description, pair-wise selection). Promotion of project plans (methodology, expected results, etc.) in scientific forums started. Preparation for management planning and land use pilot actions started.

Daily internal project communication is carried out, providing help for professional and administrative delivery. Strong communication is ensured between the project and the Ministry for Rural Development, other Swiss Contribution Projects within Focus Area 4. and national park directorates. A web-based forum was launched to provide the necessary communication between Swiss Contribution Projects and the responsible governmental bodies.

External communication activities done based on the accepted publicity plan. The opening conference was successfully organized and held, where a wide range of stakeholders (eg. researchers, governmental administrative staff, land users, forest and game managers) participated. Project was promoted for public on the crowded and nationally famous bird watching occasion, Wild Goose Gathering, Tata.

Kick-off meeting with Swiss expert was held in October, where the time frame of the further collaboration was set.